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Today: Dec 29, 2014
Jalatama Artha Berjangka

Corporate Vision

  • Being a market leader in the industry Futures, Derivatives,Currency and Financial Market.
  • Serving the needs of the investment through an investment of onedoor system (a One Stop Investment).
  • Socialize extensively and continuously to the people's futurestrading benefits as a means of hedging (hedging) and investment choices.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the futures trading industry and the company so as to give maximum benefit to the community andpositively impact the national economy both macro and microeconomics.
  • Provide the best service to customers through five principles: SAFE - TRANSPARENT - COMFORTABLE - swiftly - and EASILYACCESSIBLE..

Company mission

  • Having a strong base in the investment industry world wide and theFutures Market in particular industries.
  • Having access to a broad market: America, Europe, Asia, andAustralia.
  • Serving the public through the offices operating throughout Indonesia and internationally.

"Safety is Our Priority", that's the motto Jalatama. Therefore, we wanted the customer can conduct transactions very well. For that,we provide services and guidance to customers.